Since the seven years that my son has been studying here, I am very happy with the Bishop's experience. They conduct many activities and the staff is very supportive in all respects. Today I am able to send him on vacations alone and everyone has told me that his behaviour is wonderful. I feel that the school has contributed to this.

The teachers not only focus on studies but also motivate the students to participate in extra-curricular activities. They guide the students in such a way that they become self-sufficient in order to realize their ambition. Above all, they emphasize Sincerity in all that they do.

The Bishop's School has laid the foundation for my children to grow into confident, well-mannered, tactful and strong individuals so that they can have a good future. They instill the values of self-discipline, sincerity and forgiveness in their students.

I am very impressed with The Bishop's School, as they not only develop the students academically but also their personalities to help them become good human beings. They really emphasize good manners and discipline. The staff is their plus point and they enable their students to have a rich and promising future.

The Bishop's School has given my son a platform not only to develop academically but also to express his creative talents. He has appeared and competed in television shows and I feel that it is from the school that he has got the confidence to do so. I honestly feel that students from this school stand out thanks to the discipline and work ethic that they impart.